10 Luxurious Romantic Getaways

What is more united than a vacation in paradise with your love one? Research shows that couples’ sexual life significantly improves after a vacation. This means that you should immediately book a romantic vacation. Here are some of my luxurious, romantic getaways for you! 10. Fregate Island Private, Seychelles This is one of the most romantic private islands in the world. You could rent the whole island, what could be more relaxing than this? The size of the island is only 2,19 sq.km. and it is part of Time’s classification for best beaches in the world. 9. Danai Beach Resort & Villa, Nikiti, Halkidiki, Greece The resort is...

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My Bests of the Bests

Top Places to Eat in Barbados – or my personal top restaurants!
9 Mar

Top Places to Eat in Barbados – or my personal top restaurants!

This New Year we decided to spend the holidays in Barbados. I was very excited about this vacation - far away destination, an exotic island, celebrating New Year's eve in a bathing suit - how can not be excited...
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Top 10 Pet Friendly Hotels in New York City
7 Sep

Top 10 Pet Friendly Hotels in New York City

Are you a pet lover? Do you have a pet? If you do, then you are in those percentage of people that they will not leave on a vacation without their pet. And even if we live in a modern society and world, still n...
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Top 10 Islands in the World – have you visited any?
31 Jul

Top 10 Islands in the World – have you visited any?

The readers of Travel + Leisure selected the best islands in the World.  So, if you are a planning a vacation on an island, you should read this article!  I present you the top 10 Islands in the World. 10. ...
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Travel's Essentials

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Ariara Island – Asia’s Most Exclusive Luxury Holiday Retreat
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How to survive a 12-hour flight and still look like a lady?
Top Attractions in Barcelona
Barcelona - the most compelling city in Europe! A city that combines luxury, culture, great cuisines and sports! A city that is not only on...
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